***All treatments are individualized and tailored to support your treatment plan. Please note that the cost of herbs or supplements are not included with any appointment. 



Initial Acupuncture Treatment
This initial treatment covers an in-depth review of your health history, concerns and primary reason for your visit. This Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment includes Acupuncture. May also include when appropriate to your treatment, herbal recommendations, manual therapy, cupping, gua-sha, moxa, e-stim, heat therapy, exercise prescriptions and nutritional advice.
Please allow 90-120 minutes for your appointment.
Follow-up Acupuncture Treatments
Follow-up treatments, are a vital part of acupuncture, working to help stabilize a new healthy pattern of balance for the body. All treatments are tailored to the individual’s patterns, constitutional type, current state of mind and general health. Though there are established treatment plans, treatments change to best meet the current needs of the body to optimize health.


Acupuncture + 60-minute Therapeutic Massage
A beautiful blend that works on multiple levels to addressing root concerns as well as secondary issues such as stress and patterns of body compensations. This is an excellent choice for individuals that prefer a more hands on approach and are working on increasing body awareness. These blends support each other and extend the beneficial effects of treatments.


90-minute Therapeutic Massage
60-minute Therapeutic Massage
Therapeutic massages are customized to meet your individual needs. Massages are a beautiful blend of multiple modalities ranging from light energtic work to deep-tissue sports massage. I have a holistic approach to restoring balance to the body as a complete system. My work is intuitive, compassionate, strong and to the point.

***Assisting to restore balance and empowering you with the tools to maintain that balance.