My style of massage has its foundation in Shiatsu, Reiki, medical Qi-Gong, deep-tissue and sports massage. I focus on restoring balance, increasing body awareness and giving you tools to assist in maintaining optimal health. Treatment style is modified to accommodate your constitutional type and areas of concern.
There are times when we are in transition or in a deep personal cleansing state that can leave us vulnerable and ungrounded. At these times it's important to work with someone you trust, to help reconnect you with your body while integrating new ways and/or purge things that don't serve you anymore. Likewise there are times when therapeutic massage is perfect for addressing concerns such as neck, shoulders and/or back pain that often arise from long work hours, repetitive motions or improper body mechanics.
In my years of massaging I have come to realize that it's rare to find a therapist that is versatile in their approach, able to work energetically as well as focused-deep-tissue, this is how many of my clients have described my work. For me it's not just massaging people, its more about helping improve body function, health and the way one perceives "problems". I work from a place of non-judgment and feel humbled to be able to help at times when challenges in life surface.

***Most of my body work incorporates stretching and pressure varies from light to deep. I believe in a holistic approach and prefer to work 1-hour or longer with clients, but understand and gladly offer my help to address concern that might require shorter session.